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Lola porno illegal

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Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 05:30:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Bob Archman Subject: Catfish Returns 10Catfish Returns 10By Bald Hairy Man This is a sexual fantasy with no effort made at real life experiences. If you object to japanes lola gay fiction, DO NOT READ. This story is not for you. If you have any comments, send them to or's earlier life is covered in Young Catfish, Play Pen and Millennium Construction Company.I went back to the Club to resume my duties in the showers. When I got in, I had a message to call Raleigh. I had left my cell phone in the car and when I went out to get it, Raleigh ran up. He must have been watching for my return."Do you have some free time?" he asked. "Jefferson and C.W. are coming over in ten minutes." I said, "Yes, I'm not on duty until three. Play session?""I need to talk." Raleigh said. "And, come to think of it, some play might be welcome too!" He smiled. "Do you think we could do both?""I know we can!" I replied. "I'll see you in a few minutes." I retrieved my phone, dropped my stuff in my room and went to the Governor's cottage. Jefferson was already there. The Governor was away for the day at a grandchild's birthday party."Glad you could get over here so quickly. Poor Jefferson needs some cock." Raleigh said."Why didn't you take care of him? You didn't need to wait." I said."Jefferson here likes white meat." Raleigh replied. "My black man-rammer doesn't ring his chimes.""I loladiamond know of white guys who like black cock, but I didn't know black guys had the same interest." I said. We were all moving russia nudist lola toward the bedroom and were stripping as we walked. "Is a redneck cock by any chance, better than plain old white guy meat?" I asked. lola xxx Jefferson laughed."I'm not sure, but I have a suspicion that might be true." Jefferson said. "I'd sure like to find out though." We were all naked by now. We got on the bed. I sucked Raleigh while Jefferson sucked me. I liked being in the middle and Jefferson was genuinely enthusiastic about my cock. After a few minutes, we got down to heavy duty fucking.People talk about tight buns, but Jefferson had an ass more like a bear trap. He had no problem taking C.W.'s cock a week earlier. My cock was different. I had to force it in. I'm not into force, but Jefferson was. He was both fighting me and telling me art lola nude to fuck him hard and force it in. He wanted a pretend rape. He wanted to be forced to take my cock.I added more lube to my cock and went at him again. I finally popped through his sphincter and rammed him to the hilt in a single thrust. Jefferson sighed in deep satisfaction. There was no doubt I hit all the right spots. I was still for a few seconds, then began pumping slowly. As I stroked, Jefferson began to shiver every time my cock went as deep as it could go.I hadn't been sure how much Jefferson was role-playing and how much was real. The shivering was real. I knew lola videos that and Raleigh noticed it too."Damn, you got him going!" Raleigh said. "I've only seen that happen once before. Hot!" C.W. entered the bedroom and joined us. It was hard lolas cuties to believe a guy could strip as fast as he did. He was fully dressed and seconds later he was naked and hard. Jefferson was moaning non-stop by now."Damn, that looks good. Raleigh, would you mind taking me for a ride?" C.W. asked. "It's been a while since I've had real meat up my picture sex lola ass.""Why, that's the best offer I've had today." Raleigh said. "I do want to watch Jeffy pop. Can you flop him and screw him spread eagled? That will give us a good view of the fire works." I pulled out and got Jefferson on his back. His cock was so hard it looked as if it hurt. I put his lola porno illegal legs on my shoulders.Just as I did that, our eyes met. He had a desperate look. He lolas cuties wanted my cock in his ass. I shoved my cock hard. He tried to resist, but couldn't keep my pole out. His eyes rolled back in his head and he had a look of total satisfaction on his face. With every stroke of my cock, a glob of precum oozed from his bloated cock.C. W. climbed on the bed and got on his hands and knees."Straddle Jefferson." Raleigh instructed. "That will give you a front row seat." C. W. did what he was told. As soon as he was in position, Raleigh was on the bed and thrust his cock deep into C.W.'s innards."Holy Shit!" C.W. exclaimed."Too much?" Raleigh asked."No." whispered C.W. The young man wiggled his ass, then ground it in a circular movement. I like to watch a master bottom accommodate himself to a cock. Soon C.W. was undulating his ass, rubbing Raleigh's cock against his prostate. C.W. was on his hands and knees over Jefferson. He dropped down so lolas cuties his mouth was inches away from Jefferson's rock hard dick. That opened his ass a bit more so if Raleigh had another inch of meat, he could get it in the love canal. C.W. liked it a lot and could take anything Raleigh could force in.C.W. had a front row seat to watch my cock pound the black man's ass."Ain't this just the scene for the NAACP to promote racial harmony!" Raleigh observed. C.W. and Jefferson were 69ing while each was impaled of the cock of a man of the other race. "There are no black or white cocks, only hard cocks!""That seems to be true, but it's going to be hard to turn that into a public service ad on T.V." I said. "A hard cock is a terrible thing to waste.""Shit!" C.W. exclaimed. "I'm close!" He was shooting cum across Jefferson's smooth body. The warm cum pushed Jefferson over the edge. Jefferson's ass contracted with each ejaculation. It felt great. I rested and let him catch his breath, then pulled out slowly. His ass was still so tight it held my foreskin in place while I pulled my shaft out. I was far more relaxed than I had thought. My cock was out of his ass, but his hole still held the tip of lolas cuties my foreskin.Raleigh was out too. He hadn't shot off either. Both C.W. and Jefferson looked wasted."You boys look tired, but I'm going to need someone to take my load sometime this morning." Raleigh said"If you don't mind waiting 20 minutes, I'd be glad to help you out." C. W. said."Me too. How in hell did you old guys keep from shooting." Jefferson cried. "That was one fucking hot scene.""I just keep my powder dry." I said. "I almost shot off when free lola tgps I deep dicked you, but I held back. Once I've done that, it takes picture sex lola a lot lola angels of work to pop the balloon.""I'm preoccupied by other things." Raleigh replied. "I'm worried about the Governor. Something's not right.""You mean that asshole is lola xxx pussy finally treating you like a human being?" Jefferson asked. Raleigh laughed."Not that, I'm afraid. His little sex-buddy-son-substitute was to take him away for a weekend." Raleigh said. ""A weekend with the boys!" that little snake, Jason, said. It bothers me.""The Governor and his wallet are both invited, I would bet!" I said."I'm not as worried about the wallet as the will." Raleigh said."The will?" C.W. asked."Yes. It's to be a planning retreat for financial and estate advice." Raleigh answered."I have tried to porno forum lola explain it to the Governor's daughter, but she doesn't think it's a problem.""No way I'd let him go." I said. "I think Jason is dangerous.""You do?" C.W. said. "Are you serious?""I'm afraid I am." I said emphatically. "Dead serious." There was silence."Why do you think that?" Raleigh asked. "Are you what you say you are? Somehow you know a lot more than a towel boys should." I know I should have kept my cover, but I figured Governor Johnson was in physical danger, so I levelled with them and explained the situation."Well, that explains a lot." said Raleigh. "Things didn't seem right, but I didn't guess they were that serious.""It explains a lot." C.W. said. "Wilton and his boys are not like the other guys here. It's funny, I'm willing to jump into bed with just about any guy who asked. No one does." He paused. "Well, almost no one does. I'm amateur pages lola happy draining their balls and am more than willing to leave their back accounts untouched. How can they be that bad a judge of character? I lola nu may not be as cute, but I'm better hung and great in bed."The phone rang. It was a State Trooper. The Governor had been in an accident and was on his way to the University Hospital in Charlottesville. Our party was over. I went back to my room and got ready for work. I got on the bed for a quick nap lola lola nudes and there was a knock on my door. It was Donovan."What's your game, Catfish? I know who you are. Who are you investigating?" he asked."Not you." I replied. He looked relieved. "I'm checking out Wilton and his sidekicks.""What's their game then?""Fraud, embezzlement, blackmail," I said, "and prostitution. There may be some worse crimes involved, too. It's an evolving situation. They prey on wealthy, conservative men. After they take their money, they figure the threat of exposure of being gay will give them immunity from prosecution. It's a neat scheme.""Fucking shit! I'm screwed!" he cried. "We're all screwed. If this gets out . . .a lot of guys are ruined.""I'm after the bad guys, not the victims." I said. "I don't want to ruin anyone, if I can possibly avoid it. There may be some narrow-minded hypocrites here, but that ain't a crime. It's unattractive, but not a crime. I've never outed anyone in my life and I'm not going to start now. Even if they deserve it, I just can't do it." He looked at me closely. I looked him square in the eye."I deserve it. I know that." Donovan said."You're not telling me anything I don't know." I said smiling. "I'm at peace with myself; I know what I am and what I like. Being gay carries a lot of baggage with it, too much for some guys. Maybe most guys. If you can't deal with it, it's too bad, but that's none of my business.""Is there anyway out of this?" Donovan asked."I had thought maybe we could leave it as it is. Wilton's marks can afford the loss, but one of his victims killed himself and another met with an "accident". I need to stop him, but I don't know how yet. He's after Governor Johnson now.""I noticed." Donovan said. "It makes my skin crawl." He was silent for a while. "Are you opposed to punishment without a trial?""As a matter of fact, no." I said. "When I was a cop, I use to administer some corporal punishment at the moment of apprehension. Only when the perp was caught in the act, though. The deaths in this case make it difficult. I've turned one of his boys. He told me the entire plan. I could take it to the police and get then all put away, but it seems the cost would be too high for the victims.""Maybe Wilton or Jason will find the wrong person. Some guys aren't too forgiving of this sort of thing." Donovan said."I don't exactly know what that means," I said, "and I'm not going to ask either." Donovan looked at me again lola kiddy gorl and smiled."I don't know why, but I trust you." he said."Let me ask you a favor of you. You might just see who's been hooked and either let me know, or warn them away." I said. "Do it carefully, so we don't scare them off, but you might let some guys know about your unease.""I can do that." he said. He turned to leave, then lola magic porn turned back. "I am off to Washington for the rest of the day. Are you going to be here tomorrow night?""Sure. I'm here every night, ready, willing and able." I said."I wasn't thinking about that." he said."Donovan. I told you I am at ease with myself. I have no problem admitting I like what I like." I said. "Relax. It's fine with me, whatever you want." He left.The afternoon at the heath club was busier than usual. It was a rainy day and many of the men decided to exercise at the club rather than golf. There was a younger group there. It was made up of congressional aides who were here for a seminar. The presenter for the afternoon session failed to show, so they had the afternoon off.These men were pale and rather pasty looking. These were the guys who did the real work for the Congressmen and they clearly didn't get out russia lola pic the office much. Most of the men were driven, over achievers and weren't too sensible about reasonable amounts of exercise. There were going to be a lot of sore muscles the next morning.They weren't very pleasant either. Most though I was a personal servant. It was odd to be with people who only barked orders and made no effort to be civil. These were people who were use to being rude to waitresses. They all went off to dinner and an evening seminar and I got a much lola slut needed break.One guy was left. He had arrived later than the others and was even paler than them. I'm not sure he had ever seen the sun. He was maybe in his early 30s and would be in bad shape by the time he was 40. He had dark hair and was attired in new exercise clothes, which had clearly never top sexlola been worn. I showed him how to use the machines and went to clean up the shower and steam room.Someone had been playing with the hose and I soaked myself when I hosed down nudist lola the area. It had been set to spray. When I was done, it was approaching closing time. I checked up on him. He had been working out for a good hour and a half. He was puffing away on a leg lift machine."Take it easy, you'll hurt yourself." I said. "Don't strain yourself.""It says you're supposed to do thirty reps." he said."You work up to that, you don't start there." I explained. "You can stop now." He looked relieved."Are you sure?""Hey, pal, I work here. Do what you are comfortable with. Don't over do it." I said."I don't exercise much." he said. lolasex pics "The guys were telling me I need to work out more.""Few guys here do it regularly." I told him."They sure talk as if they do." he said. "I felt like the kid with sand being kicked in his face by the bullies at the beach.""Bullshit! It's all talk." I told him. "They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk." He got up and moaned."I'm stiff already." he complained."A hot shower and long steam will solve that problem." I said as I pointed the way to the showers. He wandered off.A few minutes later the shower was going. I looked in. The man turned away from me when he saw me and slipped on the soapy floor. I was close enough to grab him and keep him from hitting the floor."Careful there, Buddy, it's slippery here." As I said that, I saw he had an erection. He was smooth and pink, with femininely delicate looking skin. He had a long, thick cock and bull balls. When he saw I noticed his hard-on, he turned bright red."Nice equipment you have there, pal." I added. "The other guys may have some muscle, but you've got the muscle that counts." He relaxed."You think so?" he asked. "My name is Edwin.""Noland, here. I know so. I work here. I know cock forwards and backwards!" Then, I cupped his balls. "You got the baby factory and the delivery system." He laughed. "Try out the stream room. You'll need to loosen up."I went back to my work. Edwin went into the steam room. About ten minutes later I checked on him again. The room was solid steam and I couldn't see at all."Are you in there Edwin?""Yes, here in the back." he said. "Come and join me." I had closed the Health Club, so I was off duty."I'm not supposed to use the facilities here, but if you won't tell, I'd be glad to loosen up.""I promise." he said. "Scouts' Honor." The way he said it made me think he was serious. There was something about him that suggested Eagle Scout. I took off my shirt and shorts and went back into the steam."Damn, you're a hairy one!" said Edwin as I got near enough for him to see. He wasn't hard, but he wasn't soft either. "And hung too!""Aw, shucks. We all have the cards God gave us." I said as I sat next to him. He was staring at my cock and his cock was rising. Edwin turned red again as he realized what was happening. "I don't want to sound tacky, Edwin, but I do appreciate you giving me a show." I said. "There's something about a big cock that seems lola real sex to hit the spot.""You're not grossed out?""Shit no.""I've always been embarrassed by it. The kids made fun of me at school." Edwin said. He sounded like a little boy who had done something wrong, but didn't know exactly what it was. "Father Kelly told me it was dirty to think about it, or touch it.""Edwin, you've been hanging out with the wrong crowd." loladiamond I said. Reaching over I stroked his cock a few times. It twitched and a shot of cum spurted out."Oh god!" he cried. "I've never done that before!""Nice show." I said. "It's nice to be appreciated. Do you ever taste your own cum?" He shook his head. "Do you mind if I try it?" He nodded. I collected some of his spunk on my finger and ate it. When I pulled the finger out of my mouth I collected the rest of the milky fluid on the same finger."What does it taste like?" he asked in whisper."Well, it's never going to replace M&M's as a taste treat, but it's the basis of all human lola kiddy gorl life on earth. Every man's is different and individual. It turns me on when a guy offers it to me." Edwin opened his mouth and I stuck my finger into it. He sucked it like a starved baby."Okay?" I asked. lola lola nudes He nodded. "Now let me tell you something. You can walk away right now and the night is over. We both will have had a little bit of fun. If you stay, I'm going to get every drop of your man spunk out to your balls and into my throat." My cock was well on it's way to nudist lola a full erection. Edwin reached over and stroked it. Pulling the skin back, exposing my cock head. A big glob of precum emerged from my slit."Is that your cum?" he asked.
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